Анатолий Виноградов. Избранные произведения (комплект из 3 книг) Анатолий Виноградов

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The plates for turntables and electrophones rigid and flexible from 8. Collectible bells and chimes. Collectible scales and Accessories. Retro Auto Motorcycles, spare parts. Antiques are not related to the topics listed above household products, kitchen utensils, other.

Sewing machines and spare parts. Kerosene stoves, blowtorches and parts. Construction, craft and agricultural tools shovels, axes, saws, hammers, etc. Collectible bricks, tiles, etc. Lighting equipment and spare parts lights railroad, street, etc. Medical and hairdressing tools. Products made of wood and ceramics dishes, household items and other.

Jars and boxes of chocolates, biscuits, tea, coffee and etc. Other household antiques, do not fit the topics above. Painting and Graphics Still lifes Still lifes, before Flower still lifes, after Kitchen still lifes, after Other still lifes, after Portraits, nude Portraits, nude and genre painting, before Female portraits, after Male portraits, after Group portraits, after Genre painting Historical and battle painting, after Other genre painting, after Genre painting, after Sea and river landscapes painting Sea and river landscapes, before River landscapes, after Natural landscapes Natural and park landscapes, before Park landscapes, after Forest landscapes, after Mountain landscapes, after Other natural landscapes, after Urban and rural landscapes Architectural, urban and rural landscapes, before Urban and architectural landscapes, after Rural landscapes, after Other paintings, before Other paintings, after Graphic arts Graphics, before Related materials easels, paints, pencils, etc.

Reference literature оn painting. Jewelry of precious metals, gemstones and bijouterie Jewelry made of precious metals before Jewelry befor of gold, platinum and palladium.

Jewelry before of silver. Jewelry after of gold, platinum and palladium Golden chains and necklaces. Golden pendants, lavalieres and cross pendants. Jewelry made of platinum and palladium. Silverware Silverwarer of the Russian Empire and the Soviet period before Foreign silverware before Jewelry after of silver Silver chains and necklaces. Silver pendants and lavaliers. Silver earrings with one stone.

Silver earrings with more then one stone. Silver earrings without stones. Silver rings with one stone. Silver rings with more then one stone. Silver rings without stones. Brooches, cufflinks of silver. Boxes and cases for jewelery and cutlery. Reference literature about jewelry and hallmarks. Gemstones and wares thereof Precious stones diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby. Wares made of semiprecious stones. Pearls, balamuty nacre and corals. Wares made of ornamental stones.

Cufflinks, earrings, rings and brooches of amber. Pendants and lavaliers of amber. Reference literature on gemstones and minerals.

Imitation jewelry bijouterie Beads and necklaces. Brooches oval and round. Brooches in the form of animals, birds, fish, insects.

Brooches in the form of flowers, fruits, plants, leaves. Brooches in the form of bows, ribbons, knots. Brooches in the form of a star, sun, crescent. Brooches two and more in the lot. Pendants, lavaliers and crosses. Other imitation jewelry bijouterie. Chorology collecting watches Pocket watches and wrist watches, as well as accessories shuttles, keys, etc.

Interior clocks Floor, table, wall, etc. Watches made of gold, platinum, palladium and bracelets to them. Watches of well-known world manufacturers. Watches made in USSR until Vostok for men in not gilded cases made in the USSR - Komandirskiye for men in not gilded cases made in the USSR - Raketa for men in not gilded cases made in the USSR - Slava for men in not gilded cases made in the USSR - Luch for men in not gilded cases made in the USSR - Poljot for men in not gilded cases made in the USSR - Other for men in not gilded cases made in the USSR - Other wristwatches for women in not gilded cases made in the USSR Watches made in the CIS countries.

Watches made in Europe, Asia, America. Watches - immitations of manufacturers famous brands. Pocket watches made after Watch tools, books, cases, boxes, passports. Clock movements, cases, dials and so on. Dials to the wrist watches. Watch for disassembly, two and more in the lot. Other spare parts to the wrist watches. Watch accessories for wrist and pocket watches bracelets, straps, chains, shuttle, cases made after Interior wall and floor clocks since Interior, table and fireplace clocks since Special Clocks Instrumental, ship, aircraft, tank, etc.

Ceramics, porcelain, glass Figurines,compositions produced of ceramics and porcelain in the Russian Empire. Figurines , compositions produced of ceramics and porcelain in the Soviet Union and CIS countries Figures of characters of literary works.

Other figurines and compositions. Figurines of African animals. Figurines of other animals. Figurines , compositions produced of ceramics and porcelain worldwide Figurines of children and angels.

Crockery, tableware produced of ceramics and porcelain in the Russian Empire Cups and saucers. Sets and other tableware.

Plates, sets of plates. Vases for fruits, candy, salad. Saltcellars, pepper shakers, sets for spices. Crockery, tableware produced of ceramics and porcelain worldwide Sets and dining sets. Interior items of ceramics, porcelain Vases.

Other interior items of ceramics, porcelain. Glass Figurines and compositions of crystal glass and glass. Pharmacy and perfumery dishes. Other tableware of crystal and glass. Vases of crystal glass and glass. Vases, bowls and other home furnishings of crystal glass and glass. Restored Items and under restoration, of ceramics, porcelain and glass. Reference books on ceramics, faience, porcelain and glass. Books Books about books bibliology, bibliography, directories, etc.

Books published before Imaginative literature before Imaginative literature - Historical, philosophical, spiritual literature. Educational literature, books on home economy and housekeeping. Scientific, technical, reference, special, medical until Scientific, technical, reference, special, medical - Church and religious literature.

Books printed in any languages except Russian and Ukrainian before Books published in - Imaginative literature, historical, agitation, other - Educational and reference literature, including textbooks and manuals for schools and universities.

Books on painting, drawing, sculpture with the exception of reference books for collectors - Books published after Artistic, entertaining, other literature, Artistic, entertaining, other literature, Books fiction, entertainment, books other books after The scientific, technical, special, referential, medical and educational literature publications after Books on painting, drawing, sculpture with the exception of reference books for collectors after Architecture, urban planning, restoration, renovation, landscaping after The literature on programming languages operating systems and media, on computer and network equipment and integrated IT solutions.

Textbooks and manuals after Tourism and Travel after Books for children published after Cooking and Food Industry after Books printed in English after Books printed in any languages except English, Russian, Ukrainian after Printings and other Posters, calendars, political agitation. Deltiology postcards Postcards of Imperial Russia prior to Postcargs of the USSR Postcards of the USSR Ukrainiane postcards until - individual and group portraits.

Ukrainian postcards prior to - nature, landscapes, architecture, other. Ukrainian postcards - Postcards of the world before Postcards of the World after Mail of Second World War period, - Postcards, letters, cards, etc. Maps geographic, topographic, plans, globes, etc. Books on art, history and technique of photography, photo albums. Persons and groups of civilians before Persons and groups of civilians Photographic reproductions, photo albums, miscellaneous.

Photos - Individuals and groups of military, officials. Individuals and groups of civilians. Event and propaganda photo. Photos after Individuals and groups of military officials and civil servants. Persons and groups of civilians after An event and propaganda Photo. Documents such as certificates, diplomas, letterheads , manuscripts before Documents such as certificates, diplomas, letterheads , manuscripts Documents such as certificates, diplomas, letterheads , manuscripts after Autographs of famous people since Another documentaries and paper products published after which does not apply to any topic sections listed above.

Labels from alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. Travel documents including tickets. Cameras foil 14x21 mm, 10x14 mm or 13x17 - Kiev-Vega, Kiev, Narcissus. Cameras Film medium format 6x9, 6x7, 6x6, 6x4. Large format cameras for the photographic plate and sheet film 9x12, 13x18 sm and more. Film Cameras Film 24x36 mm. Format 5x9, 9x12, 13x18, and others. Cinematographic cameras, camcorders, overhead projectors 8 mm. Accessories Filters, lens, converters. The film, cassettes, photographic paper.

Toys and models Scale models Assembled models of airplanes, cars, tanks, ships and other. Railways and accessories to them. Aircraft models airplanes, helicopters, gliders. Cars of the Soviet period and Post Soviet period. Cars from two pieces in the lot and more.

Boxes for scale models. Commercial vehicles fire, repair, handling, construction, other. Public transport buses, trams, trolley buses.

Buildings and landscape elements. The figures and miniature soldiers, civilians, detailing for figurines, etc. Planongology dolls Porcelain dolls. Dolls on samovars, kettles and theater. Dolls with soft filled trunk. Dolls made of papier-mache and paper pulps. Dolls made of plastic masses from world famous manufacturers. Dolls made of plastic masses, two and more in the lot. Dolls for restoration, spareparts.

Doll clothing, footwear, utensils and furniture. Collectible games, toys, construction sets, puzzles Chess, backgammon, dominoes, checkers. Dolls and figurines of Disney and other famous Hollywood characters.

Freight cars and special technique. Railroad, locomotives, wagons and accessories. Figures of knights, vikings, legionaries and other ancient warriors. Figures of wildmen, cowboys and Indians.

Toy weapons and military equipment. The constractors kit, puzzle, board and electronic games. Toys for babies rattles, dolls, etc. Christmas toys - characters of fairy tales and cartoons. Christmas tree decorations - figures children and adults. Christmas tree decorations - snowmen, Santas and Snow Maiden. Christmas tree decorations - vegetables and fruits. Christmas tree decorations - mushrooms, pine cones and nuts. Christmas tree decorations - bells and lanterns.

Christmas tree decorations - icicles. Christmas tree decorations - utensil. Christmas tree decorations other. Christmas tree decorations from five pieces in the lot and more. Christmas tree decorations - beads and bugle. The figures under the Christmass tree Santas, Snow Maiden and other. Works from metal Figures and sculptures from metal. Ware, vases and decorative plates from metal. Candlesticks and devices to extinguish candles from metal. Collectible metal teapots and coffee pots.

Collectible irons and irons coasters. Other works of art made of metal painting, engraving, jewelry boxes, etc. Collectibles of metal products in the cloisonne technique. Embroidery Embroidered clothes, vyshivanki. Embroidered tablecloths, napkins, etc. Bottles and boxes of perfumes. Other works of arts and crafts Paintings on wood intarsia, marquetry, burning, etc. Osibana, compositions of natural materials.

Stained glass, tiffany, fusing. Equipment for tournaments, games and reconstruction of fights items, weapons, household items, etc. Signumanistics - collectible badges and chevrons Military and law enforcement agencies, security services. Music including rock bands. Hunting Hunting guns and accessories cases, cartridge belts, fowling bags, cleaning rod, etc.

Trophies stuffed animals, animal skin and fur, horns, tusks, etc. Optics binoculars, lenses, monocles, and so on. Measuring and household appliances compasses, pedometers, barometers, etc. Electronic equipment and components Professional electronic equipment stabilizers, generators, oscilloscopes, etc. Stationary household equipment televisions, receivers, tape recorders, radios, amplifiers, etc.

Portable household equipment transistor receivers, televisions, tape recorders, etc. Electronic computers, peripherals, network and communication equipment. Audio cassettes, videotapes, magnetic tapes and other information carriers. Circuit boards and electronic components. Reference books and operations manuals for the radio-electronic equipment. Commemorative items Sports awards and memorabilia trophies, cups, medals, etc. Movie and film industry, movie stars.

Music, pop and rock bands, famous artists. Artifacts of car industry, aerospace, Aviation, the Army and Navy. Souvenirs Souvenir products representing cities, resorts, memorable places.

Souvenirs from meetings, conferences, concerts, anniversaries, other events. Other souvenirs including dolls, jewelry boxes, figurines, etc.

Souvenir products, using the design of ancient objects plastic, coins, ceramics, etc. Узнать как читать книги в формате: Подробнее о издании Объём: Обзор книги "Анатолий Виноградов. Избранные произведения комплект из 3 книг Анатолия Корнелиевича Виноградова".

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