Mary Shelley. Frankenstein. Jeanette Winterson. Sexing the Cherry (комплект из 2 книг) Mary Shelley,

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Характеристика Издание "Mary Shelley. Select rating Give Мэри Уолстонкрафт Шелли: Select rating Give Дженет Уинтерсон: Henri had a passion for Napoleon and Napoleon had a passion for chicken.

But how unhappy I was! My father looked like an old man. Elizabeth showed me a picture of my mother. It was a small painting in a gold frame. He was wearing it on a gold chain on the day he died. He wore the picture round his neck. The picture is very valuable. That is why the murderer took it. William was killed for this picture. She is the young girl who looked after William. We thought she was a good girl, but she killed our dear boy.

I have seen him. We know she killed William. She is in prison now. I must tell what I know. I must go to the prison at once. Someone must listen to me. I took a horse and rode as fast as I could to the prison. There were many people standing outside the prison gates.

I jumped down from my horse. At the moment, the clock struck ten. Two innocent people had died — first my brother and now this young girl. They had died because of me. I was a murderer too. I returned to the house sadly. But I did not want to stay with my father and Elizabeth. I was afraid to tell them the truth. I knew the Monster had murdered William. And I had made the Monster.

I could not live at home with my terrible secret. I decided to go away alone. Perhaps I could forget everything in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland. I packed my bags and went into the mountains. It was the middle of summer but the weather was bad. In the high mountains, the wind blew strongly. The rain fell and the air was cold. But I did not care. I went up, higher and higher.

I came to the highest mountain and I went on climbing. The path was very steep, but I walked slowly on. It was midday when I reached the top. The sun shone on the ice and snow. As I rested there, I saw a figure coming towards me. It was walking quickly over the ice. Was it a man? It was moving too quickly. The figure came nearer and nearer. As I looked, a feeling of terror came into my heart.

It was the Monster! Why are you living when my brother is dead? I must destroy you before you murder again. But do not hate me. I do not want to kill. If you help me, I can live happily. I can kill you easily. No one will find you here. I was not afraid. I was going to kill the Monster.

But as I moved towards the Monster, he spoke again. When you gave me life, I was not wicked. But you made me ugly. Because of that, all living things hate me. So I hate you, my maker. I ran and ran through the city.

It was dark and no one saw me. I did not know who I was. I did not know where I was going. The first time I did this, a man saw me. I shall never forget the fear in his eyes. I wanted to be friends with him. I smiled at him, but he ran away. When I bent down to drink, I saw my own face. How terrible it was! I saw my yellow, wrinkled skin. I saw my yellow eyes and thin, black lips. Now I knew why people ran away from me. From that moment, I hated myself.

And I hated you, Victor Frankenstein. I used it to cover myself. Later, I found a book in the pocket with your name in it. I made a promise to myself. Everyone with that name was my enemy. Everyone with that name would die. I would wander through the world looking for my revenge.

At the end of the valley, there was a little cottage. I hid myself and watched the cottage. Three people lived there — an old man, a young man and a girl. Because they loved each other. I watched them for several days. The young people worked hard all day. Then they came back with food or wood. I watched them through a small hole in the wall. The house was full of books. The old man was blind. He could not see.

The young girl read aloud from the books to the old man. I learnt many, many things. I knew they would be away all day. I knocked at the cottage door.

The old man answered and I went in. I knew that be could not see me. People are afraid of me. But I must talk to someone. Can I talk to you? I began to talk and we soon became friends. The old man was very clever. I wanted to be part of this family.

But I always left the cottage before the young people returned. The young girl came into the cottage and saw me. She screamed loudly and I ran to the door of the cottage. The girl was terrified and fell to the ground.

I bent over to help her. At that moment, her brother came running up. He saw me and shot ate me with his gun. I cried out in pain and ran away down the valley.

I hated everyone in the world — men, women and children. But most of all, I hated you, Victor Frankenstein. You made me ugly. You made me a Monster who everyone fears. The unhappy Monster looked around him. But their beauty did not please me. I went on until I was near the city of Geneva. I was lonely and tired. Would I ever find a friend? He was running about happily and singing to himself.

There was no one near us. I had an idea. I would make this child my friend. He would not fear me. We would live happily together.

But when he saw my face, he screamed. I will tell my father. His name is Frankenstein. He will put you in prison if you hurt me. It was the name of my enemy. Soon he stopped moving. He was dead and I had killed him.

I took it from his neck and held it in my hand. The woman in the picture was smiling. But no woman would ever smile at me. I hurried away from the dead child. I saw a young woman asleep under a tree. I put the picture in her hand. People would think she had killed the child. She would die, too. Now I must find the strength to kill you.

It was terrible smile. You must do something to me. No man or woman will ever be my friend. You must create a friend for me. You must create a woman who can love me. She must be ugly and terrible, like me.

Only you can make my life happy. I thought for a moment. You must live in a lonely place where there are no other people. Then you will never see me again. Begin your work at once. I shall return when the woman is ready. And without another world, the Monster left me alone on the mountain. What could I do? I did not want to make another Monster. I thought again of the blood and of the horror. Could I work with dead bodies again?

Could I live again with the smell of death and blood? I knew the Monster would come back. I had to do what he asked. If I did not, he would kill me. I did not care about that. But perhaps he would destroy my family. Perhaps he would kill my dear Elizabeth. I did not know what to do. I decided to go back to Geneva. First of all, I had to see my family again. I had been away from Geneva for nearly two months.

My father was very happy to see me. It is not right for you to be always alone. I was thinking of the Monster. Like everyone else, he wanted someone to love. I did not have to live alone. I could be happy. Then I remembered the Monster. I was afraid of him. I waited for a few minutes before I spoke. Then I looked at my father. I still have work to do. I must leave Geneva and work alone. You will be ill again. But I knew that the Monster would be watching me.

Before I left, I spoke to my dear Elizabeth alone. Wait for me, my dear love. When I come back, we shall be married. It is all I need. I had to find somewhere to live. I had to find somewhere far away from Geneva. I had to find somewhere where I could make the female Monster. But where could I go? Where could I do my wicked work in secret? The answered to these questions came in a letter.

It was a letter from Henry Clerval in Strasbourg. My dear Victor, Henry wrote I have a job here. I am teaching languages at the University. Strasbourg is a beautiful city. I have not seen you for a long time. We have many things to talk about. Also a holiday will do you good. Let me know when you are coming. I wrote to Henry. I agreed to visit him. I knew what I was going to do. After a week or two, I would find a lonely house.

I would build a laboratory there. I would work as before, but more quickly. Soon I would be free of the Monster for ever. Henry knew the city well. He showed me the beautiful old buildings. We were happy together. I found a house outside the city and began my terrible work. Henry was busy at the University. I was able to start quickly. But now I hated my work! This time I knew what I was making.

I knew I was making a Monster, not a beautiful woman. The smell of blood and death made me feel ill. I hated talking to the men who brought me dead bodies. They were wicked men. I knew my work was wicked too. But I went on. Once more, I began to put the parts of bodies together. Of course, I did not tell Henry what I was doing. But then he found out everything, It was because of my carelessness.

The Female Monster was almost complete. In a day or two, I would give her the spark of life. I had not seen the Monster. But I knew he was near. He was waiting for me to finish my terrible work. One night, I was working late. I was very tired. Suddenly, there was a sound outside the room. I turned in fear. It will be ready in two or three days. To my horror, the door opened and Henry came into the room.

I had forgotten to lock the door! He looked around the room. What a terrible smell. There is blood everywhere. Why… Oh, my God! What is that smell? No one must know. But Henry was already staring at the Female Monster.

Is she dead or alive? Have you killed her, Victor? I put my face in my hands and began to cry. I have to do it. You must be ill? Henry listened to my story in horror and amazement. When I had finished, he looked at the Female Monster. She may be more wicked than the first Monster. What it they have children?

One day these terrible creatures may rule the world. You must destroy this creature, Victor. I will help you. He will have his revenge. He will kill you. Let us destroy this terrible thing. Henry ran to the table and began to pull the wires from the body. Then he began to pull the body apart. I was almost mad with terror. Then I picked up a knife and began to help him.

There was a cry of pain and rage. The Monster was outside the window. He smashed it open and jumped down into room. The Monster rushed at me. His dry, yellow eyes were full of anger. As his hands reached out, Henry stepped in front of me. The terrible hands held Henry until he fell dead. Thy do you let me live? You have destroyed my bride. I will return on your wedding-night, Victor Frankenstein. I will have my revenge. The Monster stood silently for a moment. He looked at the blood.

He looked at the body that would never live. He looked at the dead body of Henry Clerval. Then be looked at me. He kicked over the lamps that lit the room.

Red and yellow flames began to rise. The laboratory was on fire. But, by then, we shall both be far away. I felt his strong arms around me. His body had the smell of death. His skin was hard and dry.

With one jump, he was out of the window. The Monster held me tightly in his arms. He moved with great speed. I could not see. I could not breathe. I knew nothing more. I was in a small, white bedroom.

The window was small and it had metal, bars across it. I tried to sit up, but I could not. I screamed loudly and at once two men rushed into the room. My name is Victor Frankenstein. Send a message to my father in Geneva. Tell him to come here.

My father came up to my bed and sat down beside me. How old and grey he looked! When the doctor had examined me, he told the men to free me.

You screamed and cried. You said that you were a murderer. You said that you were the murderer of your brother, William, and of your friend, Henry Clerval. Suddenly my mind was clear again. But you were many miles away. You did not kill him. And when your brother was killed, you were in Heidelburg. But you are better now. I am taking you back to Geneva. Elizabeth is waiting there for you. I cannot remember the journey back to my home. I was sill very weak.

I slept for most of the time. When I saw my home again, I felt happier. The Monster had killed my friend. He was going to return on my weddingnight.